Leadership training fused with real-life leadership and work experiences.

What is Anafim?

Anafim (meaning ‘branches’ in Hebrew) is our leadership training program for rising 11th graders. This 3-week program, held during 3rd session of camp, focuses on building skills in counselor training, conflict resolution, curriculum development, storytelling, community building and so much more.

The program begins with a training period focusing on understanding how camp functions behind the scenes, camper management practices, challenging behavior intervention techniques, responsibility training, and awesome group building activities. During this training period, the group will grow into a deeper community, using this time to practice new methodologies with support from a dynamic staff. The training lessons are fun, hands-on and designed to teach best practices in how to work with campers and grow leadership skills.

How is Anafim different from being a typical camper? 

Anafim will be paired with camper bunks as a way to practice new leadership and camper management skills. Throughout the experience, the program will alternate between guidance and implementation, engaging teens in real-life leadership and work experiences around camp while regularly spiraling back to instruction modules for support and debriefing.

In addition to receiving basic counselor training, teens will select one of our three core work areas for in-depth instruction: counselor training, lifeguarding, and organic, kosher food preparation. Anafim will spend about 2-3 hours a day learning and working in their core area.

The program also leaves time for the sacred space necessary for teens to experience deep inner reflection and bonding while simultaneously allowing for freedom and agency. Teens will live in their own space as a way to continue building deep friendships. Additional activities include storytelling workshops, leading an all-camp activity, an overnight camping trip and cooking delicious food outdoors, field trips, and the ropes course challenge. It’s the ideal mix!

How do I get into Anafim? 

This program is selective. Upon completing an application you will have an interview with one of our directors. We are looking for future staff; if you are someone who loves creating experiences for others, has a positive attitude, and can be trusted with the awesome responsibility of working with kids, you are the right candidate for this program!
Returning as a Staffer next summer!

If teens from Anafim return to Eden Village to work as 12th grade Junior Staff, they receive a $500 signing bonus in addition to their regular salary.