Head out into the community to get involved, give back, and participate first hand in the local food system by making and selling hand-crafted, organic, kosher, farm to table pizza with Eden Village’s Project Pizza Road Trip. Wrestle with issues of food justice and access in our urban communities, and experience first hand the microcosmic journey of pizza from farm to table – visit a local dairy to make cheese, learn about local flour milling, harvest veggies, perfect your dough and sauce recipes, and finally put on pop up wood-fired pizza truck stands in several local communities. Based at Eden Village Camp, participants will venture out to pop-up their pizza truck at farmer’s markets and urban streets in the Northeast to give back and bring to fresh, tasty, organic, made-from-scratch food to our local communities.

For more information, and to see a sample itinerary, head to: https://edenroadtrip.squarespace.com/project-pizza