My most important duty as the Director of Eden Village Camp is the safety and well-being of my campers, your children. Right now, the best evidence available tells me that I cannot guarantee everyone’s safety, and it’s not a responsible decision to run camp for the summer.

Camp might seem to you like a “closed community,” where a virus with relatively benign effects on children can’t reach. This simply isn’t true. People come and go from camp every day: local staff live nearby, contractors come and go, deliveries are made, staff leave on days off, spouses visit, even our camp doctor and nurses don't all live onsite.

Many children and staff have serious underlying medical conditions, and resources and supplies vital to making camp run are extremely difficult to procure. Staff are unable to get here from around the country or overseas, and perhaps most significantly, it’s impossible to socially distance at camp - no matter hard how I’ve tried to configure it.

In short, your families’ lives are too precious to risk.

This is not a decision I’ve come to lightly. Eden Village is the center of my world, my primary focus year round, and a beacon of goodness, joy and love for everyone in the community. I save the stories you share, illustrating how camp is your child’s happy place, where everyone can be authentically themselves, and how the friendships made are genuine and without judgement.

Please understand that if it was safe to open camp right now, I would.