Technology is ubiquitous. It surrounds us all the time. Smart phones, smart watches, tablets, computers, etc. are essential to communication in the modern world. At camp, this technology interferes with our mission to promote connection to nature and build healthy social connections within our community. When you sign your child up for Eden Village, you are not only giving them the gift of camp, you are giving them the gift of life without digital technology.

Eden Village is screen free. This means campers are not allowed to bring the following:

➢ Cell phones, smart phones, any type of phone

➢ iPods, iPads, iAnythings, smartwatches, Digital Video Players or Recording Devices

➢ Video cameras, CD or DVD players, radios

➢ Kindles, laptops, electronic games/toys, hair dryers, walkie-talkies.

Watches and cameras without internet access are allowed (watches are very much encouraged!). Any electronics found at camp will be confiscated, kept in our camp safe, and given to parents on check-out day.