A lot has changed in the world due to Covid-induced social distancing and isolation, and we know it's been especially hard for many children. Some have not had in-person social interactions with their peers since March of 2020.  While we imagine many campers will come to camp and thrive from finally getting their need for peer connection met, we also imagine that some may be overwhelmed by the burst of sudden social life at camp.

We are anticipating what challenges might arise for campers and are ready to provide additional emotional support as needed. Here's what's in the works so far:

  • Extra counselors. Ordinarily, each bunk has three counselors, so that even when one counselor is off every bunk still has two staff. This year, we are putting four counselors in many bunks to be able to provide just a bit more presence, care and attention.
  • Embedded social workers. Usually, our social workers, called the Camper Care Team or "Lev Squad," works out of the office and visits campers on a regular rotation - or more frequently as needed. This year, we are hiring extra social workers so each age group will have a dedicated social worker who lives with their pod. This will provide more immediate support should it be needed.
  • Extra training. Our staff training this year will be three days longer than usual. We are also participating in two industry-wide training programs that will provide targeted resources to certain staff.
  • Bunk meet-ups before summer. Our goal, like yours, is for your child to feel as comfortable as possible as soon as possible, and knowing what to expect is key to accomplishing this. We will be hosting an online bunk meet-up before the summer, so your child can see - and meet - their bunkmates and at least one counselor before they arrive. Please stay-tuned for details. 
  • Emailing letters to and from home. Parents can email their child through a system called CampStamps, which will allow parents to email letters to camp and have the printed out email delivered to their child. Letters emailed by 10 a.m. will be delivered by noon that day (except Saturdays). Parents can also include a barcoded reply sheet that will allow their child's letter to be scanned back to them the following day. Read more about CampStamps under "Keeping in Touch."