On the first day of your session, all arriving flights need to be scheduled to arrive at Newark Liberty Airport (EWR) between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM. Please pack a lunch and snacks for your child. 

On the last day of your session, all departing flights need to be scheduled to depart between 6:30 and 7:30 PM from Newark Liberty Airport (EWR). Eden Village will pack a box lunch/dinner and snacks for your child.

[If a direct flight is not available from your location to EWR, but is to another NYC airport, please contact Travel@edenvillagecamp.org and we will work with you to create an individual travel plan].

If your child is traveling with a cell phone, please provide us with their phone number and ask them to turn on their phone when they land. Please make sure your child has camp's phone number (845-809-0080) and a small amount of money. We will call you upon your child's arrival. 

Please make sure to label your camper’s bag so your camper can identify it at the airport. 

Unaccompanied Minors: Campers traveling alone who are younger than 12 years old must travel with an Unaccompanied Minor Form purchased at the time reservations are made. Please prepay for this service. Please write "Simone Lindenbaum or a representative of Eden Village Camp" as the person who will arrange pickup for the camper. 

What happens when my child gets off the plane? If your child is traveling as an Unaccompanied Minor, an Eden Village staffer (identified by their Eden Village Camp Staff shirt and name tag) will meet your child at the gate and escort them to baggage claim where they will get their luggage, and board a camp van. 

We will collect cell phones, money, and Unaccompanied Minor Forms and place them in the camp safe until departure. Please place these items in an enclosed ziplock bag clearly marked with his/her name and address.

E-mail them to: 

travel@edenvillagecamp.org (with the subject: “AIR TICKET, CHILD’S FULL NAME, SESSION”. For example: “AIR TICKET, MAX ROSEN, 1st Session”) 

Most domestic air carriers limit carry-ons to one bag and a personal item, plus checked luggage, not to exceed 50 lbs. per bag. Luggage fees vary, but are typically assessed per bag, each way. If sending luggage with your camper on the plane, we strongly recommend pre-paying for your camper’s checked luggage for their return flight or sending them with cash to pay the luggage fee when they check-in to return home. 

To cover the cost of the van from and to the airport, there will be an additional charge.

Cost: $50.00/pick up or drop off ($100 if outside flight window)

For all campers arriving by plane, parents must complete the “Flights: Parent Agreement” form in CampInTouch.

You will be subject to any additional costs which are not under the control of Eden Village. You can pay by credit card via your online account, or by check.  Your card will be charged on the day of pick-up/ drop-off.

Eden Village will follow all airline regulations and our representatives will act using their best judgment to ensure that your camper travels in a safe and timely manner. If required by the airline to pay additional charges for unaccompanied minor fees, checked baggage fees, or other costs, Eden Village will do so and charge the amount to your account. 

Eden Village will do everything in its ability to get your camper to the airport in a timely manner but there are many circumstances not under Eden’s control. If the flight is canceled, delayed, or changed, Eden Village will speak to the families and arrange alternative plans. If required, Eden Village will pay additional change costs and charge them to your account. Eden Village will not be responsible for any costs associated with a change in flight plans if the changes are not directly attributable to Eden Village. Eden Village and its representatives will use their best judgment to determine how long to wait for delayed flights and choosing when to return to camp to try again the next day. In circumstances where many flights have been canceled and many passengers are attempting to rebook, Eden Village's representatives may need to rebook your camper’s flight before they can contact you; however, Eden Village will never release a child to the airline if they have not confirmed the new flight plans with her/his parent or another person authorized to pick up your camper.