Several secular camps have offered all -gender bunks for years and we have learned best practices from them. One important piece is that this bunk is not only for campers who are gender-nonconforming. All campers are welcome to participate in this bunk if it aligns with their age group, and we believe it is a great experience for everyone. Being in an all-gender cabin gives youth the opportunity not to worry about gender stereotypes, roles, or boxes. 

We are proud to be a camp for all kids, where campers are free to be themselves regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, or anything that makes kids feel different. Our counselors are well-positioned to be role models and provide guidance to campers who are developing their identities. We hope that by creating such a bunking option, campers will be able to authentically be themselves. 


I’m not familiar with the terms you’re using.

Societal understanding of gender and sexuality expression is evolving, and as our understanding changes, so do the terms we use. Click here for more information.

Why is this bunk necessary? And why now?

Inclusivity and acceptance are core values of Eden Village, and this includes making camp an inclusive space for all. Our goal in offering all gender bunking is to provide housing that matches the needs of our community and gives space for youth who do not fit into a gender-segregated system. 

Who are the counselors in this bunk?

Counselors for the all-gender bunk are specifically interested in living and cultivating an all-gendered living space and undergo specific training.  

Where will my child shower and change their clothes?

This bunk, like some others, has a private changing area attached to the shower. All campers and staff will use this changing and shower area.

What if my child doesn’t want to live in this bunk but their camp friends opt-in?

This bunk is open to everyone, so if you think this housing option is a good fit for your child, please sign them up. If your child prefers to live in the boys’ or girls’ bunks, there will still be numerous opportunities to be with friends living in other bunks.

Will the activities of this bunk be about gender?

No; activities in this bunk will be no more or less “about gender” than they are in any other bunk. Eden Village remains committed to our mission of social justice, environmentalism and spirituality, and where a camper lives will not alter this focus.  It will provide a housing option for all campers interested in this experience. This cabin will simply be a “home base” at camp, and all campers will participate in regular camp programming. 

How will you monitor kids being intimate in this bunk?

The same rules regarding camper behavior that exist in all of our programs will be strictly enforced here. That means no intimate behavior in the bunk ever, staff are never alone with one camper, and campers are always supervised. All campers must continue to adhere to the standard Code of Conduct regardless of where they live. 

What if I’m not comfortable with this bunk?

Participation is voluntary, and boys’ and girls’ housing will continue to be available. 

What if my camper wants to switch into or out of the all-gender bunk after camp starts? Can they do this?

No. Changing bunks once camp has started is extremely disruptive to the entire community and is never allowed. It is up to you as the parent or guardian to choose a bunk before camp starts that is appropriate for your child.