Ensuring your campers come to camp in great health goes a long way to ensuring a terrific camp experience.  Prioritize getting plenty of sleep and eating lots of healthy nourishing foods in the days and weeks leading up to camp.  If you notice any hints of illness before camp, address them promptly.  If you think you child might have a communicable illness please give us a call - it's no fun to be sick at camp! And we don't want illnesses to spread.

It is also a good idea to make sure your child has the following healthy habits.

  • Campers should know how to sneeze and cough into their elbow, and to wash their hands afterwards.
  • Campers should know how to apply sunscreen and bug spray thoroughly, safely and independently.
  • Campers should know how and when to wash hands -  after using the toilet, touching animals, sneezing, coughing, blowing their noses, and before eating or preparing food.  
  • Campers should be ready to carry a water bottle and hat with them where ever they go.
  • Campers should be able to notice when they're feeling hungry, tired, sick or unhappy, and ask an adult for help.
  • Campers should know how to shower independently and wash their hair
  • Campers should be familiar with the concept of a tick-check.  (We will teach them how to check for ticks at camp, but the more familiar they are, the easier this is!)

Please remember to pack sturdy footwear for your camper! Shoes and sandals without a back-strap (ie: clogs, flip-flops) and Crocs are also not allowed at camp. (Campers may wear Crocs or flip-flops as shower shoes if they wish.)

Please pack "forest clothes" - light-weight long pants and socks that the pants can be tucked into to aid in repelling ticks.  

Talk with your child about importance of telling their counselor, the tribe leader, the camper care team or the nurse about any problems they might encounter, or things that may bother them at camp.  We make sure that camp is full of loving attentive adults, but it is always easier if a camper can bring up things they are struggling with rather than waiting for someone to notice or guess!

Finally, if your child has any medical, mental health or emotional/social needs that you haven't yet share with us, please be in touch.  You can reach our medical staff at healthcenter@edenvillagecamp.org and our camper care team at campercare@edenvillagecamp.org  A proactive conversations about your camper's needs before the summer begins enables us to collaborate to determine the support your child will need to be successful at camp.  We're here to help everyone have a healthy, happy summer!