Spinning poi is a special part of camp, and many campers love to practice and get acquainted with poi on their own. 

If you'd like to purchase your own Poi, here are some suggestions based off of camper experience and feedback:

Almost every LED Poi that camp has (in the garage and climbing wall) were from a brand called zeekio, which you can find here. Here is another good option, from spinballs. The two options are fairly similar except spinballs offers a larger range of color options.

Most often, beginners like to use two finger holds (and the fire poi will also have two finger holds), however, any type of hold is fine and up to the user. If anyone is planning on getting super advanced LED Poi flowtoys (though we wouldn't recommend this for beginners!) here is a great set.  

If you're thinking to yourself "What's poi? And how do they do it at Eden Village?" Click here to watch an unforgettable video from a couple summers ago.