Learn more about our key elements of the trip: 

Farming - Get Your Hands Dirty: Throughout the program, RoadTrippers will spend time on small-scale organic farms, large-scale mono-crops farms and urban farms, learning, evaluating and absorbing the food ethos of each region. Each stop along the way will immerse RoadTrippers in hands-on projects involving harvesting, pruning, animal husbandry, seeding and other related activities.

Food - Feast on Deliciousness: In cooking groups, RoadTrippers will take part in menu planning, grocery shopping, preparing, and cooking fresh delicious meals over a camping stove most nights. All food on our trip will be aligned with Eden Village Camp standards, 100% consciously sourced, kosher, fresh, and scratch-made. 

Camping - Sleeping Under the Stars: Most nights the RoadTrippers will set up camp, unwind, dine, and sleep at state or national campgrounds in close proximity to our hub cities. This will impart teens with a variety of wilderness skills. 

Asheville: RoadTrippers will spend time in Asheville, North Carolina, exploring and hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, volunteering on farms in the area, foraging for wild edibles, getting acquainted with southern culture and flavors, swimming in waterfalls, hiking, and more!

Electric New Orleans: RoadTrippers will spend four days exploring vibrant New Orleans, Louisiana. Here, teens will engage in service work at an urban farm in the Lower 9th Ward, learn cooking skills with local chefs, hear some jazz in the French Quarter, kayak in the bayou, spend a morning on a fishing boat and so much more!

Atlanta - City in a Forest: Teens will spend several days in bustling Atlanta, Georgia, exploring what is often referred to as the "Capital of the South." This city is known for its diverse food scene, many pockets of diverse neighborhoods, urban farm scape, and it's southern hospitality! Teens will participate in an Iron Chef cook-off, tour the urban gardens around the city, hike up Arabia Mountain and more!

Community - Meet the Folks who Grow the Food: Teens will spend time meeting the farmers who bring the food from the farm to our table. RoadTrippers will not only lend a hand on various farms along the way, but will also engage in meaningful conversation with farmers, service work organizers, and community members of each place we visit. 

Travel in Style: RoadTrippers will travel down the country and back in a safe, luxury coach bus with bathrooms and full air-conditioning. Our driver will have their U.S. Department of Transportation Certification. 

Adventure of a Lifetime: The Food and Farm Road Trip will be jam packed with adventure! At each hub city and along the way, teens will have the opportunity to play, bike, swim, hike, cook, learn, and grow. Each day's adventure component will be more exciting than the last!