What is the Kruvim Program?

K’rov is the Hebrew word for “close,” and the Kruvim Program is the Eden Village 1-1 Support Program for children needing extra support to experience camp at their own pace. Kruvim is a small inclusion program designed to help children needing specialized social facilitation in order to get the most out of the Eden Village experience. Good fits for Kruvim would be campers who might routinely need help joining a group, need support understanding social cues or navigating social situations, or need to take frequent breaks, for example.

All Kruvim campers must be able to adhere to the standard Rules of Camp and follow the Camper Code of Conduct.

How Does it Work?

Eden Village believes that inclusion programming is just that - inclusive. Unlike many programs that have separate housing or programming for children needing additional support, Kruvim campers live in the bunk of their age group with other campers their age, thus in a “regular bunk.” In addition to standard ratio counselors, however, that bunk has an additional “Kruvim counselor” who is usually a college student studying special education. Kruvim counselors look and function to the group as “regular” counselors, but quickly establish themselves as the go-to counselor for the Kruvim camper. Kruvim counselors are part of the Camper Care Team, a specialized team of mental health professionals at camp.

Who is Eligible?

Campers entering grades 3-9 who are interested in the July or August sessions can apply to Kruvim. Kruvim ordinarily accepts six campers per summer - three in girls’ bunks and three in boys’ bunks.

This summer, however, due to Covid restrictions, we are only able to accept two Kruvim campers. The program is currently full but we are accepting campers into our waitlist, so please feel free to reach out.

Who is Ineligible?

Kruvim is not available for campers in our Rookie or Road Trip programs.

Kruvim is not appropriate for children needing an individualized camp program - to the contrary, it is specifically geared toward children wanting to experience Eden Village programming with their peers and at their own pace.

The Kruvim program does not support children who are unable to stay with the group, are violent, act out physically, or behave unsafely toward themselves or others. Children who run from the group, act out physically, or are violent will be asked to leave.

How Do I Apply?

Contact Director of Parent Engagement Beth Praver via email, phone (845-809-0080), or by making an appointment in her calendar. After an initial parent conversation, Beth will typically speak individually with one treatment provider, one teacher, and the camper. Kruvim is highly competitive and fills quickly.

What is the Cost?

Kruvim has a higher price point for participation to offset the cost of extra staff and support. Kruvim campers are also required to purchase camp insurance, called Program Protector, which costs between 5-7.5 percent of the total price of enrollment.