Have your camper inspected for head lice two weeks prior to departure, and again immediately before camp begins. We inspect each camper’s head upon arrival to camp. If lice treatment is necessary, we will bill parents at a cost of up to $250 per camper. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it will not be possible this year to bring your camper home and to treat them for lice and then bring them back once all is clear.

We hope you know how seriously Eden Village takes quality of life issues here at camp, one of which is lice. Lice present absolutely no health danger, yet they are a nuisance that we address according to the American Camping Association guidelines for top-tier overnight camps.

Campers are screened by camp staff for lice when they arrive at Eden Village, and may be screened again if we feel they may have come in contact with lice. If one child is found to have lice, our policy is to screen everyone in the bunk.

We ordinarily contract with an outside company called BuggHeads to treat your child for lice here at camp. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, however, this year all treatments will be done in-house. In addition to treatment, Eden Village will purchase a new pillow, hairbrush, comb and baseball cap for your child and charge your account accordingly. Eden Village can’t accept responsibility for recontacted cases due to the fluid nature of contraction.