We are thrilled to let you know about changes to our pre-camp policies and guidance about vaccinating your camper in time for camp this summer. The safety of your camper and our staff remains our highest priority. Our decision is being guided by our Medical Advisory Committee and public health consultants, who are in direct contact with the CDC. With the data now available to us and the current prevailing public health guidance, we feel confident that these updated policies will be both safe and effective.

Pre-camp Guidance - Low Risk Activity Period:

  • Non-vaccinated campers and family members should refrain from high risk activities. These include: 
    • being indoors with other non-vaccinated individuals, 
    • attending crowded gatherings, 
    • eating in restaurants. 
  • Non-vaccinated campers and siblings may attend school, day camp, and child care as long as the school/camp is following all proper COVID protocols.
  • Vaccinated campers and family members should avoid crowded indoor gatherings and eating in restaurants.
    • If you are attending the Embedded or 5-Week July Session, this low-risk activity period starts Saturday, June 19th 
    • If you are attending the 3-Week August Session, this low-risk activity period starts Saturday, July 24.

Pre-camp Testing Requirements:

  • Per the CDC, fully vaccinated campers should not be tested for COVID-19 unless they are symptomatic. Campers who will be fully vaccinated on Opening Day will not need a pre-camp test or a rapid test on Opening Day.
    • However, if a fully vaccinated camper is symptomatic, they will also need to show a negative PCR test to enter camp in addition to their proof of vaccination.
  • Non-vaccinated campers need to get a PCR test 1-3 days before Opening Day. Please use a local test site. If you need an at-home test kit sent to you, please contact us at covidsafety@edenvillagecamp.org.
  • We will be emailing you a separate form where you must upload your vaccination card or your PCR test results before Opening Day.
  • For Embedded and 5-week July campers, the test should be taken between June 26-28
  • For 3-week August campers, the test should be taken July 31-August 2


Who will not be allowed to enter camp on Opening Day:

  • Campers testing positive on their pre-camp PCR test, Opening Day rapid test, or any test within 14 days of the start of camp.
  • Campers who have been in direct contact with a Covid positive pod/family member, classmate/ member of school cohort, or another close contact within 14 days of the start of camp.
  • Campers who cannot or do not attest that they followed the pre-camp low-risk activity guidance.
  • Symptomatic, fully vaccinated campers who do not have a negative PCR test from within 1-3 days of the start of camp (a rapid test alone will not be sufficient).
  • Campers who have not completed and submitted the required medical forms.


Other testing:

  • We will also perform additional PCR tests on all non-vaccinated campers the Monday following Opening Day. All campers in the bunk pod will need to test negative before we allow bunk pods to merge into their quarter camp pods. We will also test campers and staff any other time we believe it necessary. The precise testing schedule is still evolving as best practices for overnight summer camps emerge.