The entire deposit is non-refundable. The exception is if you have requested financial assistance and do not receive your requested aid amount or enough aid to be able to send your child to camp – in this case we fully refund the deposit. To be eligible for a refund of this type, scholarship applications must be submitted within 30 days of enrollment and cancellation must occur with 10 days of receiving your scholarship award.

If you cancel on or before March 14:

We refund all but the deposit  (deposit amounts are $500 for one session, $1000 for two sessions, $1500 for three sessions)

If you cancel on or after March 15:

No payment is refunded if you switch from a multi-session Journey Enrollment to a single session enrollment

If you cancel on or after April 1:

No payment is refunded and a $1,000 dropped session charge will be incurred

What if a camper leaves early during the summer?

If a family decides on their own to remove their camper early, there is no refund.

If a camper goes home for any behavioral, psychological or emotional reasons, or for reasons that would have been manageable had pertinent information been fully disclosed on the application or in camp forms (including mental health and medical history and current treatment), there is no refund.

If a camper goes home as a result of circumstances directly related to another camper (ie. contagious disease, camper-on-camper violence, etc), as determined entirely and exclusively by the camp director, camp will provide a prorated 50 percent tuition credit which can be applied towards tuition the following summer minus other fees. This credit is not exchangeable for cash but may be applied toward a sibling at the discretion of the director.