Do you love having fun? Are you into farming and the local, organic food movement? Being a Jewish mentor? Nature, art, survival skills, singing, sports, hanging with kids, homestead skills-ing, goating, and having the best summer of your life? Then have we got a place for you!

Here are a few things to know right off the bat: 

  1. Must be entering 12th grade or higher to be a paid staff member. 
  2. Intensive staff training/bonding is from June 17, and camp ends for staff on August 23. All staff must be committed to the entire, full period and experience.
  3. This is an intense job focused on children with long hours and limited privacy. It is a fully communal experience where we impact the world and children’s lives in a big way. Join us!
Our staff are expected to embrace and practice these staff tenets of Eden Village Camp: 
  1. Be a hero! Provide our campers with hope wherever they need it! Simply being at camp this summer does not make you a hero; it is a choice you will have to make on a daily and hourly basis.
  2. Practice awareness at all times, not only of ourselves and our actions, but of safety, punctuality, campers’ energy level, and our campers’ and coworker’s needs.
  3. Practice clean communication. If you have a problem with someone, you go directly to that person and share what happened, how you’re feeling and what you’re wanting.

Want to learn more?

Check out our staff webpage or apply here!