We know that you might might feel very sad when it comes time to say goodbye to your camper on Opening Day, but it is so important to focus on what is best for your camper to give them the best start possible to their camp experience!  Here are some suggestions from experienced camp families:

  • Be positive! The more enthusiasm and confidence you express about camp and your camper's experience, the better their outlook is apt to be.
  • Express your love!  Feeling secure and loved is critical to your camper's self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Keep your goodbyes short and sweet. Long goodbyes are a challenge on many levels: they complicate the drop-off process for other families and for camp staff, and they can make the moment of separation more difficult for your campers and for other families as well.  If you wish to mark the milestone of starting camp with your camper, we suggest planning some special time together at home or even in a near-by town before coming to camp on Opening Day. 
  • Hold back your tears until you’re out of sight.