There's nothing quite as heart-warming as a hand-written note, is there?

We know many campers don't regularly keep in touch this way so it may be a new experience for them to write letters home during camp.  You can help your camper prepare in a few ways:

  • Pack pre-addressed AND stamped post cards or stationery.  Be sure to tuck in a pen and remind your camper that it's in their bag!
  • Is you child not a yet a confident or expansive writer?  Thanks to a terrific camper alumni parent, we have lots of fill-in-the-blank letters for you!  You can download and customize them for your camper before camp.  Then simply print them out, tuck them in a pre-addressed, stamped envelope and pack them in your camper's bag.  
  • Talk to your camper about writing letters at camp.  Let them know they will be expected to write a letter twice a week and help them envision whom they'll write to and how.  

We recommend taking some time in the days before camp to send your camper a letter so that they'll have an encouraging, upbeat message of love from home waiting for them in that first mail delivery.  It is best to send those initial letters about a week before your camper arrives.

Address letters to your camper as follows:

Camper’s Name
Eden Village Camp
392 Dennytown Road
Putnam Valley, NY 10579