Our staff are being hired with the understanding that they will likely remain at camp for the entire summer without leaving, even on their days' off. We will also not be hosting any visitors this summer, running any Field Trips, nor will we be offering horseback riding, which is an off-site activity.

Our underlying premise is that after Opening Day, we will do everything we can to eliminate people coming in or out of camp. We have looked carefully at past summers and have eliminated the majority of these situations. However, when someone has to leave for an x-ray on come into camp to make a food delivery, careful protocols will be followed. 

One major change we are making this year to diminish the need to leave camp is to alter the way we use Urgent Care. We will be doing strep tests, Covid tests, and blood tests at camp this year instead of offsite at Urgent Care. We are also  setting up a robust telemedine plan. Nonetheless, if a camper needs to leave camp for an urgent medical issue we will of course take them off-site.

As of May 14, our in camp policy prohibiting camper-podded staff from leaving the site remains in effect. Our Medical Advisory team is actively reviewing the underlying data behind the most recent CDC guidance for vaccinated individuals. This policy will not change unless, and until, our medical advisory team makes an evidence-based determination that the policy is no longer medically necessary and vaccinated staff can leave carefully and safely.