If you would like your camper’s trunk shipped home from camp, please let us know on the “Shipped Luggage Form.”

Please be aware that there is a $10.00 service charge for this option.  

Please make sure to include the address to which you would like the trunk shipped. We will pay for the shipment and bill your account for the charge. You can pay by credit card via your online account or by check.  Your card will be charged on the day of shipment. If you would like insurance, accelerated delivery, or any other special accommodation, you must indicate it on the travel form. If not, Eden will choose the most economical shipping option and accepts no liability once it delivered to the shipping agent.

If possible, Eden will return the bag or trunk in the box it was shipped in, but these boxes are often destroyed in shipment or opening. If the luggage does not have a box or its box is unusable, Eden will ship it back without a box unless indicated or required by the shipping agent. If you would like Eden Village to have the item boxed, please indicate so on the travel form and we will charge your account.