Travel by private car is by far the safest mode of travel right now. For this reason we are unable to offer shuttles to and from camp this year. If you ordinarily rely on the shuttle, please start making other arrangements now.

If you ordinarily fly to camp, you need to adhere to the New York State quarantine guidelines as they pertain to those flying from out-of-state. This means you will need to fly to the New York area well before camp and quarantine for 10 days before Opening Day. Please start making those arrangements now. 

If you are an essential worker or need to discuss this travel protocol for any reason, please reach out to us via email, subject line: opening day travel protocols.

Drop off times:

Drop off is going to look significantly different this year. Parents and siblings will be asked to stay in the car for the entire time. We will greet each camper individually and assist them with their luggage from the car. Once it's your turn, expect the process to take about 2-3 minutes only. Please prepare to say your deep goodbyes before it's your turn - we know how hard this will be! 

Ordinarily, drop off and pick up time is always 2:30 p.m. This year, we will be staggering drop off by age and individual bunk. Both drop off and pick up times will be precise, with different protocols based on program. Every camper must arrive at drop off with a parent or caregiver who will wait for the results of their rapid Covid test; if it's positive, that camper will not be permitted on site.

We have not made a decision on drop off times for siblings yet, although we are leaning toward having older kids come with their younger siblings - stay tuned. 

Speaking to the nurse, social worker, chef or counselor:

Usually, many of these conversation can and do happen on Opening Day. This year, that won't be possible, although it is important for you to connect with these people before camp if you have a question or concern. Someone from camp will be calling you before your arrival to go over things you would ordinarily discuss on opening day. If you want to preemptively schedule a call like this to fit your schedule, please email us, with the subject line: pre-camp check-in.