We are working hard with our Medical Advisory Board, camp Medical Director and nurses to address this thoroughly. As such, the precise details of which tests will be performed and how long different people will need to quarantine is still not firmly decided. However, the broad outlines we can share are as follows:

  • If we suspect someone has Covid, that person will be quarantined in the designated area in the Health Center while our nurses perform the necessary tests.  We will have dedicated medical staff for any campers or staff who test positive. Until and unless the test(s) comes back negative, we will assume that person is positive and proceed accordingly, which may mean testing others in the person's bunk pod and/or quarter camp pod.
  • The rest of the bunk or quarter camp pod will automatically enter a parallel program whereby those campers and staff participate in activities, eat meals - essentially do what they ordinarily do - but more socially distanced and non-simultaneously from the rest of camp. This parallel camp mode will continue until the suspected case is confirmed as negative, or the rest of the pod is cleared by our medical team.