Eden Village is requiring the Covid vaccine for all campers and staff who are or will become eligible for the vaccine via FDA Emergency Use Authorization. 

All campers eligible for the vaccine via a birthday or emergency use authorization at least six weeks before their first day at camp in 2022 will be required to be vaccinated in order to attend. This policy assumes the FDA will grant emergency authorization for all children 5 and over.

If a family commits to vaccinating their camper and then does not, that camper's enrollment will be cancelled. 

If there is a medical reason a camper is ineligible to receive a vaccine, their physician can submit a letter to Eden Village that will be reviewed by an outside medical advisor. The outside medical advisor will determine whether the medical exemption is valid and appropriate for the camp setting. The child will not be able to enroll until and unless an exemption has been granted or the family indicates that their child will comply with the vaccination policy.

No other exemptions will be considered.