Yes! We understand this concern, of course, but camp will definitely still feel like Eden Village.

We will still be swimming, hiking, farming, learning about herbalism, boating, feeding the chickens,  spinning fire poi, making art, throwing pottery, playing frisbee, playing gaga, giggling, making new friends - and in general, having the best life of our life!  While the activities above are often the initial draw for campers, we know that healthy and positive relationships is core to creating the camp that our community loves.  And we are bursting with staff, with more hired at this point than in any other season, who are eager to connect, be present, co-create fun and engage your campers.

Will there be differences from previous years? Yes, of course. We won't be doing off-site field trips, for example, and we won't have horseback riding since that's an off-site program.  Most of our all-camp activities will be in smaller groups.  We'll be eating outside much more often.However, on balance we are extremely confident the experience will still be magical, transformational, and everything you have come to expect from Eden Village.