A journey through a rite-of-passage of adventure, responsibility, self-exploration and service.

Farm-to-table mastery, wilderness skills, herbalism instruction and amazing peers are all in store for our 9th grade teens. Through hands-on projects with our expert staff, our teens will deepen their connection with the natural world, live in joyful community, receive and offer mentorship, and experience a relevant, embodied Judaism that leaves them radically prepared for young adult life. 

Our Binah campers — as we call our 9th graders —gain skills in organic farming, wilderness survival, culinary arts, ropes course experience, herbalism and community leadership. They also have the option to participate in an extended farming internship to further enhance their agricultural skills. Binah takes full advantage of all other Eden Village programs as well, receiving mentorship and participating in the full range of enhanced activities.

Binah campers experience the entire range of challenges, support and inspiration Eden Village offers. Our teens journey through rite-of-passage adventures, responsibilities, self-exploration and service – and emerge with increased confidence, skills, and awareness of themselves, their communities and the earth.