In anticipation of summer, we want to share some information about the swimming policies here at camp so you and your children know what to expect.

New York State Law requires all children to have a swim check shortly after arrival to determine their swim skill level. This is not a test, rather a check to see whether a camper is a deep water swimmer or a shallow swimmer. This determination allows the camper and lifeguards to know what activities are safest for that camper to participate in.

  • Shallow water swimmers are allowed in the shallow end of the pool and in canoes or rowboats in the lake.
  • Deep water swimmers are allowed in the deep end of the pool, swimming area of the lake, and all boats.

Being a shallow swimmer does not mean that a camper failed the swim check.

Campers can do a swim recheck any time they want, and as many times as they want - just ask a lifeguard!


The swim check skills differ depending on age group.

Swim Checks for Yesod & Tiferet (8-11 years old):

  • Walk in entry into shallow end of pool
  • Submerge shoulders and head into water
  • Blow bubbles through nose and mouth
  • Swim a front facing stroke (Breaststroke, Freestyle, Butterfly) for 3 pool lengths
  • Swim a back facing stroke (Backstroke, Elementary Backstroke) for 1 pool length
  • Tread water for 1 minute
  • Float on back for 1 minute

Swim Checks for Chesed and Older (12+ years old):

  • Feet first entry into deep end of pool
  • Swim a front facing stroke (Breaststroke, Freestyle, Butterfly) for 5 pool lengths
  • Swim a back facing stroke (Backstroke, Elementary Backstroke) for 3 pool lengths
  • Tread water for 30 seconds
  • Float on back for 30 seconds


Campers in the tribes of Yesod (3rd-5th) and Tiferet (6th) have instructional swim about 1-2 times a week; older campers in the Chesed tribe and up interested in swimming lessons are encouraged to sign up for an instructional swim elective (chug). Recreational swim is usually available daily during schmooze, our all-camp free activity period. 

Parents may preemptively sign up their Yesod/Tiferet campers (3rd-6th grade) for additional swim lessons during one of their chugim (elective) periods. Each camper has two 1.5 hour chugim (elective) periods a day which last 2-3 days. Parents may choose to sign their camper up for 1 swim lesson chug per week or 1 swim lesson chug per session. Parents opting their camper into swim lessons will remove the respective number of free choice electives from the camper’s schedule. Campers may also choose to join the swim lesson chug independently.