Eden Village Camp nourishes the connections between self, community, earth, and spirit with a socially and environmentally conscious program that is firmly rooted in Jewish tradition.

Honoring both tradition and innovation, we celebrate Judaism as a relevant, profound and joyful path to sustaining ourselves, building community, and providing strength for tikkun olam (working to heal the world). Our Jewishly-rooted curricula for farming, wilderness and service, along with singing, prayer, blessings, and reflection in nature’s classroom, allow campers to connect personally with their Judaism and discover a joyful way to live. We love to have fun in our Jewish practice—because smiles and laughter grow community, friendships and our sense of self! We also take the lessons of Judaism seriously enough to keep practice and beliefs from becoming superficial, routine or merely convenient.  We see Judaism as a radical and challenging path for living as a human being wisely and usefully within the cosmos and with the whole of humanity.

Shabbat is a highlight of the week. Shabbat offers wonderful teachings at the heart of our vision: a day to come together in celebration and rest helps sustain the earth and sustain the soul.