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Campers embark on the following steps in their journey in each of four pathways:

Step 1 - Motivated: The journey starts with positive emotions. Campers will be motivated to learn and grow when they feel respected and valued, enjoy living close to nature, and experience joyous and meaningful Jewish community.

Step 2 - Connected: Eden Village Camp gives campers the opportunity to connect to what is meaningful and relevant to them about being Jewish, especially Jewish traditions about kindness, nature/food/earth, and social justice.

Step 3 - Self-aware (aware of own impact and responsibility): As Eden Village Camp campers grow in self-awareness, they also grow in awareness of who they are in relation to others and the world around them. They understand that their words and actions have an impact.

Step 4 - Self-confident (able to question and make own choices): Enriched by Jewish experiences and equipped with self-awareness, campers are able to question what they are told and what they see happening around them. They learn that they can make their own choices and how to make good ones. Empowered (with resources, skills, know-how): Eden Village Camp is a haven in which campers learn and practice essential skills for a good life.


Eden Village Camp’s strategies and activities for guiding campers along this journey encompass four pathways:

Jewish Pathway: When they experience the vibrant Jewish life at Eden Village Camp, campers will want to connect to Jewish ritual and tradition. The Jewish teachings and traditions they encounter at Eden Village Camp will deepen their understanding of themselves and of how they relate to others, to the earth, and to the wider world.

Kindness Pathway: Eden Village Camp recognizes each camper as an individual and surrounds them with kindness. In this environment, they develop self-confidence and responsibility and can grow into their true and best selves.

Food/Earth Pathway: Through immersion in nature, food and farming, campers experience their own interconnection with all things and accept their responsibility for stewardship of the earth.

Change Pathway: At Eden Village Camp campers' questions and concerns about the world around them are heard and respected. They are encouraged by learning how Jews have struggled with questions of social justice and recognize that change is possible. Eden Village Camp is a sanctuary in which campers gain the confidence and skills that will enable them to work for change in the future.

Eden Village Camp alumni are self-confident, kind, responsible Earth citizens who are capable of creating positive change and rooted in their own Jewish journey.