The Camper Care Team (or “Lev Squad” as it is affectionately called at camp,) helps campers take full advantage of everything camp has to offer. We meet daily with counselors to keep apprised of how each camper is doing, and help counselors support their campers. 

Our Camper Care team will contact you...

Immediately, by phone:

  • In the event of a mental health crisis. 
    • Your child's well-being is our top priority so please know that we will seek appropriate care as quickly as possible, whether or not we are able to reach you.
    • If we cannot reach you we will also call the emergency contacts listed on your child's camp forms.

The same day, or within 24 hours, by phone:

  • If your child has been involved in a physical altercation with another camper
  • If your child has been involved in any way in significant bullying or other verbally aggressive behavior
  • If your child has willfully broken camp rules such that they put themselves or others in danger
  • If your child has experienced significant emotional distress due to missing home or other reasons
  • If your child is refusing to eat
  • If your child is refusing to shower, participate in tick checks or other basic self-care
  • If we have any significant questions about your child's mental, emotional, or social well-being
  • If your child is encountering a challenge that is significantly impacting their ability to thrive at camp

Within 24 hours, by email:

  • If your child sought out support from a Camper Care staff person for a low-level isolated need
  • If we’re following up to let you know that all is well
  • To respond to any routine check-ins from parents about your camper

Please note that for many social or emotional needs, campers may simply ask their counselors for support from their counselors.  Counselor support may be exactly what your camper needs to work through the challenge they are facing - and this is a great thing!  It’s what we train our counselors to do, and it is a sign that your camper is meeting the challenges of camp and thriving.  Counselors communicate these moments to our Camper Care team on a daily basis, but if they are resolved without direct Camper Care intervention, we typically do not reach out to families.  We train our counselors so that they know when to refer situations to Camper Care, and we intentionally create time and space for Camper Care staff and counselors to discuss camper needs and strategize together.

We welcome your questions and will do our very best to respond to you within 24 hours.  Please know that ‘no news is good news,’ and that we will prioritize emergent matters, which may impact our response time for non-emergencies.