Our Camper Care team is devoted to giving extra support to campers as needed. They work in close partnership with the Tribe Leaders and counselors and liaise with parents. At camp we fondly call them “The Lev Squad” (Lev means “heart” in Hebrew). If the need arises to talk with someone about your child, please call our office at 845-809-0080 and ask for them. You can also email campercare@edenvillagecamp.org.

You might receive a letter home describing challenges that your camper is facing. While this may be difficult to read, it is important not to panic. It takes at least a day for your camper's letter to reach you so your child may already be having a great time by the time you're reading their message!  We also encourage you to see these messages as evidence that your camper is resilient and supplied with excellent coping strategies. Sharing our struggles with a trusted loved one is a terrific way to work through challenges.  The best way to respond to your camper sharing a difficulty is to first let them know you get it, ("I get it that you're really nervous and sad about not being in any chugim with your camp bestie - that is such a bummer.") and then express your unshakeable faith that they can persevere ("I know you have the courage to go to chugim without them and that you'll have a blast learning how to whittle and that you'll be even happier to hang out together during Schmooze!)

You’re welcome to reach out to the Lev Squad anytime for an update on how your camper is doing. We do our best to be proactive and contact you if your camper is having trouble. We want to partner with you so as to best support them!

Here are our office hours for Camper Care and general calls:
Office Hours: 8:30 am–8:00 pm.
Office Closed: 2:00 pm Friday –8:30 am Sunday morning for Shabbat.

Please leave a message if you do not reach someone directly. Immediate phone contact with staff or one of the directors is not always possible since these folks are giving their attention to campers, but we will call you back within a day.