Campers enjoy the C.A.L.M. House Apothecary for a variety of bunk rotations and chuggim. They make salves, super-foods, potions, tinctures, and explore the medicinal and healing plants all around them. 

Under the guidance of our highly trained herbalists, bunk rotations usually range from learning to make teas and salves using herbal syrups and flower essences. Chuggim in the Apothecary include activities like Farming Your Medicine, Herbal First Aid, Open Your Heart, "Goatbucks," and Herbs of the Stars.

Goatbucks is a particular favorite, and as the name implies, involves learning to make favorite "Starbucks"-like herbal drinks using goat milk taken from our Eden Village goats. A goat-chi latte with spices and herbs is a particular draw, for example. 

Herbs of the Stars is another perennial favorite. Campers learn their astrological star signs and how it aligns with the Jewish (lunar) calendar, and then make herbal drinks that are supposed to help support them. A fire sign like a Leo might drink tea that's more "cooling," like mint, for example.

Eden Village is the only Jewish camp in existence with its own Apothecary, and the variety and wonder that campers experience under the expert guidance of our Israeli- and Indian-trained Herbalists is extraordinary.