Please note that all forms are due May 23.  We assess a $100 late fee if all forms are not completed by May 23.  If there are extenuating circumstances that you know will keep you from submitting your forms on time, please let us know as soon as possible and we will work with you.

This guide will take you through the process of completing the medical forms, step-by-step.  If you have any questions along the way that aren't answered below, please give us a call at 845-809-0080.

STEP 1: Make an appointment for your camper(s) with a health care provider.

A number of our forms require a physician's signature and your child must have had a physical within the 12 months prior to the start of camp.  If your child has had a physical recently, you will still need to make an appointment to have the camp medical forms completed and signed by a physician.

STEP 2: Complete the McCarthy's Pharmacy Medication Request Form  

This form is required for every camper, without exception, and is due May 5.  All medications, vitamins, supplements, and over-the-counter medications which your camper takes on a regular basis must be listed on the McCarthy's form. Note that this is a web-based form which will open outside of CampInTouch.

(If your child will not be taking any medications or supplements on a regular basis we still require you to complete the form so that should your child need a prescription during camp we will be able to have it filled by McCarthy's without having to ask you to complete the form in the moment.)

  • Filling all camper prescriptions and supplements through McCarthy's allows us to ensure the highest level of safety possible for our campers and we expect families to use McCarthy's in every possible case.  If you would like to request permission to opt out of the requirement to have all camper medications/supplements filled by McCarthy's, please complete the Opt-Out Request section of the form and note the associated fees.  (There are a small number of situations in which we grant exemptions and waive fees - see the Opt-Out Request section for details.)

STEP 3: Print the following forms which must be completed and signed by a physician from your CampInTouch account:

  1. Doctor Completed Medical Documents: This is a multi page document.  Every page must be filled out completely and every page must be signed by a physician and a parent/guardian
  2. Severe Allergy Action PlanThis form is only required if your child has a severe allergy.  It must be signed by a physician if submitted. 

STEP 4: Get an up-to-date vaccination record from your child's health care provider. You may also submit a signed Physical Exam Report from your child’s health care provider in place of our physical exam form.

STEP 5: Complete web-based  Proof of Insurance and Consent to Treat form, making sure to include images of both sides of your camper's insurance cards.  Note that this is a web-based form which will open outside of CampInTouch. Only camp staff and medical providers will have access to this information. 

STEP 6: Upload all of the completed and signed forms listed above, the vaccination record and physical exam report to your camper's CampInTouch account.

STEP 7: Using your child's physical exam report as a guide, complete the Parent Submitted Health History online in CampInTouch.

STEP 8: Fill out the Meningitis Form online in CampInTouch.

STEP 9: Take a break!  You have now completed all of the Medical Forms.

STEP 10: Dive back into CampInTouch and complete all of the remaining forms.  These forms are all online and do not require the signature of a third party.

Please remember, all forms are due no later than May 23.  Submitting your forms on time and completed in full helps us ensure the safety and well-being of our entire camp community!