An important part of camp for your child is being away from home and learning to function independently. For this reason, phone calls to or from home are limited to family emergency and your child’s birthday. While it may seem counterintuitive, campers transition and settle into the camp experience most smoothly without phone contact with home.

If your child has a birthday at camp, your child will call you at 1:40pm on their birthday. We will email you a few days ahead of time to confirm the number and time. A camp birthday means your child will be celebrated through singing, special dessert for her/his cabin, and festivities planned by the staff and campers. You may send a birthday package (box) if you like. Please indicate clearly that it is a birthday package and the date it should be delivered. It may not contain any food item—a counselor will check it for food.

Due to the sheer volume of potential calls, campers will NOT be able to call home for parent or sibling birthdays, anniversaries, etc.