Eden Village Camp offers facilitated preparation time for campers who will celebrate a B'Mitzvah before the end of October. These sessions are only for campers who are already participating in b'mitzvah preparations outside of camp; we don't offer full-scale tutoring so your camper will need to have a strong sense of what work needs to be done and how to do it. Prep sessions will be offered approximately once a week for 45 minutes during Schmooze, our free-choice period.  Campers will be reminded to attend but we need their buy-in, so please set the expectation that they will participate!

Campers should bring all needed materials with them to camp, including prayer books or chumashim if your camper uses them as part of their preparations.  If your camper uses a recording to practice, please contact us to discuss your options.    

Finally, we find it helpful for campers to know they can review their b' mitzvah materials on their own as well as during prep sessions.  Please talk with your camper about dedicating some time during Rest or other downtime to study if that feels appropriate.  

Still have questions?  Please contact Johanna to help you come up with a plan for your camper!