Eden Village prides itself on being a warm, inclusive, nurturing environment for Jewish children from all walks of life. We strive to work hand-in-hand with parents to create the necessary collaboration to support each child where they are, including discreetly supporting them with issues of nighttime bladder control.

We believe developing nighttime bladder control should not be an impediment to a child having a meaningful camp experience here at Eden Village. As caregivers, we’ve all been there - changing wet sheets in the morning. And even though a child will often feel like he or she is the only one still wetting the bed at night, statistically, this simply isn’t true. Delayed nighttime bladder control is extremely common in children, especially for boys, and should not stand in the way of attending camp.

What your child needs to be able to do and accept:

  1. Wear a pull-up at night. This means remembering to discreetly put on his or her own pull-up every night without a reminder from the counselor, and remembering to discreetly discard the pull-up in the morning. The trash cans in the bunk bathrooms do not have lids, so we recommend sending your child with a small package of odor blocking plastic bags to dispose of the pull-up.  

  2. Sleep on a bottom bunk, so the package of pull-ups can be discreetly stored under the bed.

  3. Discreetly tell a counselor if they wet the bed, despite wearing the pull-up. If the child feels uncomfortable telling the counselor, we can work together to create a comfortable way for your child to alert the counselor. The counselors will also have been briefed on the possibility of this beforehand, so it will not come as a surprise to them. However, the counselors will not check your child’s bed in the mornings to see if it’s wet.

  4. Ask a counselor for help to discreetly remove the soiled sheets, retrieve a new set of sheets from camp, and put them on the bed.

What you as a parent need to be able to do and accept:

  1. Send an adequate supply of pull-ups for your child’s length of stay.

  2. Rent camp sheets instead of sending your own from home. This will facilitate laundering and replacing sheets when necessary.

  3. Understand that counselors and other staff will not check your child’s bed in the morning to see if the bed is wet. It is your child’s responsibility to discreetly let a counselor know if their bed is wet. If your child does inform their counselor, the counselor will discreetly help your child change the bedding.

  4. Understand that if your child is not forthcoming about having wet the bed, it’s possible they may sleep on soiled sheets until they tell a counselor and ask for assistance.

Please contact Beth, our Director of Parent Engagement and Development, with questions, concerns, or to create a support plan for your child.