Our medical staff will contact you...

  • Immediately, by phone:
    • In the event of a medical emergency.  
      • Your child's well-being is our top priority so please know that we will seek appropriate care as quickly as possible, whether or not we are able to reach you. If we cannot reach you we will also call the emergency contacts listed on your child's camp forms.
  • The same day, or within 24 hours, by phone:
    • If your child is running a fever
    • If your child vomits or has significant diarrhea
    • If your child sustains a significant injury
    • If your child experiences a serious allergic reaction (other than anaphylaxis) which is treated successfully in camp. (We consider anaphylaxis and the administration of an Epi-Pen a medical emergency and will call you immediately, as well as having your child transported to the nearest ER.) 
    • If your child spends a significant amount of time in the Health Center for any reason
    • If we determine that your child needs to be seen by an outside practitioner (ie: Urgent Care)
    • If we remove an embedded tick from your child
    • If we have any questions about your child's health
  • Within 24 hours, by email:
    • If we see your child for mild symptoms of illness that pass relatively quickly.  Examples include stomach ache, runny nose, cough
    • If we treat your child for a minor injury, such as a scrape, small cut, bump, bruise or minor muscle or joint strain, etc.
    • If we see your child for an insect sting that does not trigger a major allergic reaction
    • If we see your child for a minor sunburn
    • If we see your child for a minor allergic reaction

Please note that for very minor concerns campers may simply ask their counselors for a help (every bunk has a first aid kit) or they may stop by our self-serve area on the Health Center patio to grab a band-aid or "ice on a stick." Health Center staff may not always be made aware of these very minor issues, but you may hear about them in a letter from your camper.  We love to see our campers growing in their capacity to care for themselves and we train our camp staff to refer any situation to the Health Center that goes beyond a simple band-aid. Rest assured that we will contact you regarding every medical issue that we address in the Health Center!