Yes, you can now exchange letters via email with your children while they are at camp this summer. We are very pleased to introduce you to CampStamps, a CampInTouch system that will allow you to create an account and email your child via the Eden Village office.

In order to use the CampStamp system, you will need to purchase “CampStamps” from your CampInTouch account. Please note that the CampStamp system is administered through CampInTouch, and the associated fees are generated by and paid directly to CampInTouch, not Eden Village. If we could make it free - we would, but CampMinder charges for the system! You can always write to your child at camp the old-fashioned way for just the cost of a stamp. 

If you are interested in emailing your child via CampStamps, please follow the steps below to get started.

1. Log into your CampInTouch account. 

2. Register your credit card at the bottom of your CampInTouch account screen, in the section called “Credit Card for Email & Photos.”  

Please note: If you are currently using a credit card to pay your tuition bill, the card you have on file under “Financial Management” is not automatically applied to the “Credit Card for Email & Photos” section. You will need to re-enter your card info (or use another card, if you prefer).  

3. Scroll down to “Your Account - Camp Stamps.”  If the number of stamps is listed as “0,” click on “Buy More.” If you receive a message saying “You do not have a credit card on file,” continue to Step 4. Otherwise, proceed to Step 6.

4. Close the alert window and scroll to the bottom of the menu page. 

5. Click on “Credit Card for Email & Photos.” Enter credit card info. 

6. Click the “Camp Stamps” link on the menu page to purchase Camp Stamps. CampStamps are available in packages of 10, 15, 20, or 30. One stamp is required per letter. Camp stamps carry over from season to season, and can be shared with friends and family.

7. Once stamps are purchased, return to menu and select “Email.”  At this point, you will have the option to type a one-page message to your camper. (If you have multiple campers, you will need to submit individual letters for each.) 

Please note: On the email page, there are additional services listed that we will not be supporting. We are only offering the service to submit plain text letters. 

Please do not select the “Add Stationary” option or the “Send a Smile” option, as you will be charged for these via CampMinder but we do not have the ability to print out these features. 

However, you may opt to purchase a “Summer Address” for $9.99, which will allow you to send your letters to camp directly from the email address associated with your CampInTouch account, without having to log into CampInTouch. (Though you will first need to set this option up within CampInTouch, where you will find additional instructions.)

8. Submit your message. Once your message is submitted, our office staff will be alerted, and your message will be printed, folded (not placed in an envelope), and delivered with our daily mail distribution.  If you wish to submit a sealed letter, you should do so via regular mail.  

Please Note: Our cut-off time for same-day letter delivery will be 10 am, so that emailed letters may be distributed along with our daily “snail mail.”  Any email letters received after 10 am will be printed and delivered the following day.

9. If you want your child to reply to you via emailed letter, check the box at the bottom of your message that says "I would like a handwritten reply." This means that your child will receive a second, blank piece of paper that contains a unique barcode. When your child uses this sheet of paper to reply, the counselor will bring it to the office to be scanned into the CampInTouch system and be automatically emailed to you. Alternately, you can also preprint an e-letter stack of barcoded stationary that your child can use to email letters to you any time. There is no cost to pre-print the e-letter stationary; you are only charged when the e-letter is scanned. Make sure to tell your child to use blue or black ink as colors do not transmit.