Camp itself is the gift! In an effort to reduce pressure on parents to send packages and to avoid setting campers apart into the “Haves” and “Have-nots,” we have a No Package Policy. (If your camper has a birthday while at camp, you may send a package for that day only — see the birthday article for instructions.)

Flat envelopes of any size will be allowed but we ask you to include things from the "Acceptable Items" list below.  We also ask that your child not receive more than one larger envelope per week, from any sender.  (ie: a package from Bubbe & Zayde during week 1, a package from parents during week 2, a package from cousins during week 3, etc.)

Please do not send packages that require a signature. UPS, FedEx and USPS can all deliver to camp without signature.

Acceptable items to send in a flat envelope:

  • Books and comic books 
  • Journals, notepads, activity books, and coloring books
  • Pens and writing instruments
  • A deck of playing cards and other "simple" card games

Unacceptable items

  • Food or candy of any kind
  • Non-flat items of any kind
  • OTC or prescription medications
  • Magazines, newspapers, and other items that brings current events into camp
  • Games, puzzles, or other activities
  • Stickers and art supplies
  • Body glitter, temporary tattoos or other non-essential toiletries.

Staff will open all larger envelopes and check the contents before giving them to campers. If a package contains items that the staffers deem to be not in the best interest of camp or that are not in keeping with the guidelines above, we will hold the items and return them to you on Closing Day. If your child receives more than one large envelope per week, we may hold additional envelopes even if the contents are in keeping with the list above.

In any case where a mailing is held by our office, we will send you an email with details.


If your child forgot an essential at home, please email us at  for an exemption to the flat envelope policy. 

Very occasionally our Camper Care team may determine that your child would benefit from receiving something that is outside of our No Package Policy.  If this is the case we will work with you and our office staff to ensure your camper receives what you are asked to send.