Camp itself is the gift! In an effort to reduce pressure on parents to send packages and to avoid setting campers apart into the “Haves” and “Have-nots,” we have a No Package Policy: No boxes will be accepted. The exception is if your camper has a birthday at camp—see birthday section below.

Flat envelopes of any size will be allowed, though we ask you to limit large envelopes to a few over the course of the whole summer. If you want to send an envelope, we suggest sending books, stationery, Mad Libs, the comics page, and of course letters. Please do not send fashion or pop-culture-type magazines. Staff open the envelopes and deliver the contents to campers. If there is food or or other items that the staffers deem to be not in the best interest of camp, we will hold them and return them to you on Closing Day.

Please do not send packages that require a signature with USPS. Any items that require a signature, including certified mail, insured mail, and overnight and express packages, are held for us at the post office and not delivered in a timely manner. Please use UPS or FedEx.